Det är som det är – It is as it is
Premiere at Allkonstrummet c/o Studio Moss 2017

Mina egna kroppar
Premiere at Svarta huset 2017

Folkmusikens Beyoncé
in collaboration with Brita Björs
Premiere 2017

Arise Amazons! Blood, milk, water and wind
Premiere 2016

Premiere Turteatern 2016

Shaking the Circus
DOCH, School of Dance and Circus
Premiere 2016

in collaboration with Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg
Premiere 2015

Det enda könet/ The Only Sex – An Audio book live experience.
In collaboration with Västmanlands Teater.
Premiere 2015

in collaboration with Malmö Stadsteater
Premiere 2015

Shake out against racism
A community project with workshops at Turteatern, Enskededalens Youthplace and Lokalrätten 2014

Shake it out
At Dansens hus and in the public space at Kulturnatten Stockholm 2014

My Own Bodies- All Stars Beijing
Beijing 2013

My Own Bodies – All stars Örebro
Örebro 2013

My Own Bodies
Premiere: March 2013 at the House of Dance in Stockholm

Roses & Beans
Premiere: June 2010 at the Abundance Festival in Karlstad


Background photo: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders