Roses & Beans (2010)

Roses & Beans

By and with Dag Andersson and Tove Sahlin

Premiere: June 10th 2010 at the Abundance Festival in Karlstad

Roses & Beans have toured around the world and was a part of SiC repertoar for more than five years. The piece has been played in different venus, exhibition halls theater and dance spaces in the nordic countries, Europe, and the United States

Roses and Beans is a social event and a performance on how love is organized and lived. With rosy cheeks, flirty bodies and occasional love songs, sung to the rhythm of a strict march, the performers bang our heads into the kitchen sink meanwhile they investigate the couple relationship as an institution and the template of success. The performers invite you to a private party in an empty living room with twinkling eyes, sharp elbows and soft hearts. Together they share a very special moment and a sweetened cake of romance. Roses & Beans takes its starting point in the striking power of pop culture and joins in with the ever-present choruses about love, relationships and sexuality. How do we compose our common love songs? Can we produce other stories, since we don’t want to live the ones we heard before? Andersson and Sahlin is borrowing extracts of life and art from couples like Marina & Ulay, John & Yoko and Brad & Angelina.

The chorographical material in the living room of Roses and Beans is an act of curiosity and precise equality measured by every step we take and every move we make. The performance has been touring internationally since the premiere in June 2010. It is an easy set up in foyers, galleries, classrooms, conference halls, museums, livening rooms and clubs. It can be performed outside if circumstances are good. For outdoors a special technical set up is needed.


Choreographer and performer: Dag Andersson and Tove Sahlin
Set design and costume: Dag Andersson and Tove Sahlin
Photo: Ela Spalding and Moa Andersson Thambert

In collaboration with: Estudio Nuboso, Ponderosa Tanzland, Dans i Värmland Funded by: The Swedish Arts Council. The City Of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Background: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders