My Own Bodies (2015)

My Own Bodies

By and with Tove Sahlin in collaboration with Josefin Hinders, Josefine Larson Olin & Rebecca Neumann

Premiere: 12 of March 2013 at the House of Dance in Stockholm Performances: 13, 14 of March/ House of Dance in Sthlm

Duration: 40 min My Own Bodies- 1st edition, available for touring from April 2013

My Own Bodies- All Stars, available for touring from May 2013

In Sahlins new solo piece she explores shaking as a movement, emotions and linguistic metaphor. The performance underscores issues about adaptation, empathy and commitment. The project will be performed and toured in two editions, sometimes in a combination, My Own Bodies – 1st edition, the solo piece & My Own Bodies – All Stars, a group piece performed by a group of 20 local participants after a two weeks workshop with the choregrapher. The material from the solo has been given away and transformed and digested by extended minds and bodies.

Credits artistic team.
Choreographer, performer, project leader: Tove Sahlin
Visual concept, set design, light design: Josefin Hinders
Dramaturg, choreographer assistant and production assistant: Josefine Larson Olin
Composer, sound design, technical coordinator: Rebecca Neumann
Composer assistant: Chrisstoffer Rubensson
Costume: Tommie X Seamstress: Martin Persson
Grafic design: Martin Falck
Photo, trailer & documentation: The Treasure factory/ Patriez van der Wens

Funded by: The Swedish Arts Council. The City Of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Backgroundphoto: Nemo Hinders Stocklassa