Shake it out – Kulturnatten Sthlm (2014)

Shake it out

Kulturnatten Sthlm (2014)
At Dansens hus and in the public space (Sergels torg and Drottninggatan) 52 participants Shaked out the square, the street and the big stage

Shake it out is a variation of the piece My own Bodies All stars but more, bigger and even more including. In Shake it out amateurs and professionals claim the public space with their body. Shaking for equality, against rasism and sexsisem.  Shake it out also invite new bodies in to the a space design for contemporary dance at Dansens Hus in the center of Stockholm.

Choreography: Tove Sahlin
Visual concept: Josefin Hinders


Backgroundphoto: Nemo Hinders Stocklassa