Shake it and 50/50 Monday Dance Lab

Shake it and 50/50 Monday Dance Lab

Shake it Collaborations are glad to present a collaboration with 50/50 Monday Dance Lab during four mondays in October 2017.

50/50 Monday Dance Lab is a continuation of the Metamorphosis summer festival in Yttrejärna. The initiative behind the 50/50 Monday Dance Lab at Skeppsholmstudio is to offer a space for dancers from various backgrounds to meet together, practice improvisation and movement scores, and engage in an instant composition performance experience. The evening will start at 19.00 with 50 minutes of guided score practice led by Emma Rozgoni, Eva Mohn, and guests. This practical movement exploration is designed to let people meet, get warm, and research movement methods and inquiries in action on the floor. At 20.00 We will start the ”performance” where the research gets put into action in a 50 minutes long performance practice, instantly composing the space using principles from the previous hour, as well as any other tools one brings with them from their previous experience. Each performance will be filmed and accompanied by a musician.

We are curious to bring people together from various backgrounds of dance, theater, music, and open the floor to those collaborations. Each night will have a predetermined specific theme, however the content will be designed by the participants.

Monday October 2: Site, Sight, Cite (eyes & choice)

Monday October 9: Bemöta=Response (skin & touch)

Monday October 16: Landscaping (meat & bones)

Monday October 23: Whim (air & play)

Our maximum capacity is 20 participants and we are aiming for as much consistancy as possible in the group, however we also want to make it possible for people who can only join for partial. Please pre-register for the sessions you can attend and let us know of changes so that we can assure each evening is full.


Photo: Nemo Stocklassa Hinders